Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Three B's

DSCN0047 Three B's
Originally uploaded by sukipoet
A painting done last year. The woman is after my great-grandmother of my same name who quilted until she died at 95 even though she was blind. The three b's are spelling, honey and quilting.


Cris in Oregon said...

Wow 95, blind and still quilting. was her name LYNN? lol.
Great piece of work.

ANDREA said...

Cris's comment makes me smile, and I like this painting. Went to flickr to see your gallery which is very nice! I especially love the beeswax collages, they speak to me cause they are so rich and the composition are great.

sukipoet said...

Thanks Andrea. I just started using beeswax so have a lot to explore but I like working with it even just plain beeswax without pigment.

Lynn said...

This is a wonderful painting and a wonderful story. I wish we could enlarge it to see all the detail. Really, quilting while blind? By hand of course.
Amazing. And until 95. Wow. I should be so lucky.

Lynn said...

I figured out how to change the sizes. Wow, wow...such detail.
This also reminds me of Bee Season by Sue Monk Kidd...Did you read that book? Another woman with a blog did a painting of a queen from the book and sold it to this author. Great story too. True.
I do love this picture Suki. The quilt feels real to me.