Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Birthday gift

A week ago a friend sent me this dress for my birthday. She also included bamboo leaves from her bamboo grove.

Even the lining is gorgeous. So now I need an art opening or something to wear it too.


Cris in Oregon said...

Oh it is Gorgeous.. Just what someone named Suki should wear. What a wonderful Friend. You DO need a nice art opening to go to.
Looks like you were busy busy yesterday too getting all that set up. Bet your mom is loving having someone around to share all that with.

ANDREA said...

I agree with Cris, this dress is made for Suki. You'll look wonderful in t, I'm sure about that. I love the delicate flowers and the elegant black!
(and your slippers, let me guess, Birkenstocks?:)

Lynn said...

This is beautiful Suki. Be sure to have your photo taken in it to share with us. It looks like it would feel wonderful on the skin too. You can come to my Black and White quilt showing in March! LOL
Happy Birthday!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely! Art opening, or a dinner date maybe?
I like how you cheered your Mom up with the Christmas decorations, it looks very festive. I'm debating when I shall put ours up... I'm not a huge fan of Xmas dec but Son will love them... so into the loft I go!