Wednesday, November 28, 2007

AED Tree decorating

Fake tree. I decorated it on Tuesday. Mom made most of the stars and other decorations. She wrapped the little packages for under the tree. I think the creativity on my part is that I even revved myself up to do this. It entailed crawling into the cold loft and searching for the tree. Then all the small motor skill stuff of putting on the deco's. I was exhausted when I finished and this tree is only about 3 feet tall.

I haven't had a tree of any sort much less a real tree for YEARS. Issue for me with the real tree is cutting down all those living trees so folks can have fun for three weeks then toss the tree into the mulch pile. Although I do love the smell. That's just me. I don't judge those who get real trees, I just make the choice not to. Besides, I lived alone for 20 years and didn't want to bother with trees.

Plastic greens. Well, hopefully it made the house happy and maybe cheers my mom a bit to see these things.


ANDREA said...

Suki, the way you tell us this christmas-tree-settin-up story is so sweet! You make me smile because I see you do it halfheartedly (do you say so) and getting a cold nose and then being happy all the same cause it makes your mom happy. You are a funny and lovely person.

Lynn said...

I think this might even make the inner child in you happy as well.
Happy Christmas! Glad you did this (for yourself too).

Patti said...

I think you are a funny and lovely person too! I put up my tree yesterday too, because my son loves it so much. I would be happy with a living pot plant and a bit of tinsel, but he loves the whole deal and he gets it, because I love him so much.

I must admit though, that once I got started decorating, I enjoyed myself!