Thursday, November 08, 2007


I went to a restaurant near this canal to meet a new person on Tuesday. She is an artist I met briefly at an open house in May when I was up here and she said give her a call sometime so I did. This is pretty creatively brave for me who am a recluse and shy at times and would rather read a book. Still, I was feeling claustrophobic out here in the boonies and felt I needed to reach out. The canal is not used today I believe. But once it brought stuff and maybe took away stuff from the town.
Canal in the westerly direction. I love it and am coming to love this town's architecture and will take more pictures at another time. I enjoyed having tea with A. and hope that we can do some things together.

On Wednesday I went to a yoga class. It was held in a lovely spot. But it was not my beloved Svaroopa yoga. It was Ashtanga yoga more like Iyengar, very active and for me hard as I haven't done Iyengar style yoga for 14 years. My legs wobbled and I thought I might collapse at one point. And one pose I just didn't do--the camel for any of you who know. Mostly young folks there with one man around my age. However, it was wonderful to be in the presence of yoginis and to hear yoga talk and to sit and meditate for 15 minutes etc.

So TWO meetings of new people this week. Emotionally exhausting yet at the same time energizing.


Cris in Oregon said...

Good for you Suki calling this Artist aquaintance up and getting together with her. A new opportunity for branching out.
Yes I found it did take time to get friends but I had some great neighbors & that helped alot. You need to join something to get to know people which leads to other people and you seem to be taking those steps. I find people are like us.. waiting for the other one to make the first move. Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and do the asking like you did. I like the canal photos you got. Was it very far from you.
Thanks for your nice comments on my slide show of paintings. I need to find better photos tho. I will post some others when I get more time.

Patti said...

The canal looks very peaceful. Great that you could connect with a fellow artist - good for the soul!

I do Iyengar Yoga and have done for ten years now. I have learned that if you can stay with the postures you will gain strength - be patient with yourself and build up steadily.

Lynn said...

I love the photo...the water is calming, the color in the trees and the houses on one side and the backs of businesses on the other. Nice composition. Well done.

I too am glad you enjoyed time with the other artist. Good going there. And yoga too. Enjoy more.

ANDREA said...

I like these photos too, everything seems so calm, only the river moving on very slowly. The colours are so late-autumn-like. As if nature goes to sleep right now. It is great to click on the pictures and see them big. good for the eyes. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you are going out to contact people you like!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely photos and scenery. From one recluse to another I appreciate how well you did to make these connections - well done you, for reaching out to new people and new activities in your new locale.

Lovely to see the autumn colours and landscape - i can see why your part of the world is so famous for its autumn beauty.