Friday, November 09, 2007

AED collage for collage exchange

I cut the bottom off this collage and then regretted it so I reattached it using ribbon glued to the back. The card with the butterfly is a copy of a small collage I made awhile ago and which I used along with others to make a series of greeting cards.

Cris asked me how these collages were to be hung and I myself am uncertain. I'd be happy to hear what others suggest. They are mounted on 140lb watercolor paper as per the suggestions of the woman who runs the collage exchange. Also, we were not supposed to frame them though we could mat them. However, mine are mostly non-traditional sizes so I'd have to cut my own mats rather than buy pre-cut mats and I am not interested in doing that. To me, this watercolor paper background seems a bit flimsy.


Cris in Oregon said...

Suki, This is beautiful. I love the colors and the part you put back.. the way you did it.. adds more interest. I find my mistakes, a lot of the time, turn out to be my best creative ideas.
Hope someone has some ideas on hanging them.

Mary Richmond said...

Nicely put together. Love the colors and the imagery. I have a funny time thinking of how my work should/could be presented. Often traditional framing doesn't work with paper, clay, etc. And yet it needs to be hung somehow. On some of my paper pieces I glue a piece of similar weight paper over a loop of thread or fishing line and that seems to work pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Hang-up suggestion from Suki's pal Susan... (I hope to contribute more to this lovely blog after the turn of the year... till then I'm pretty dang booked, but do love to check in here to read-- have peeked in at several linked blogs, too and have seen many wondrous art inspirations and hallelujahs!) ANYWAY- here goes my hanging suggestion-- dowels of heavy enough diameter or bamboo garden stakes.. lop off the sticks to extend a few inches (to suit your eye) beyond the collage edges.. attach the stick (or rather provide a channel for it) with glued paper or fabric strip(s) to back and then tie a cord or/and some decorative danglies to the extending ends of the bamboo-- as with those hanging calendar dishtowels...(if anyone remembers those). The dowels could even be painted or otherwise decorated to add yet another element of co-ordinating or contrasting color/texture/doo-dah-ry to the collage... Smiles and thanks for all the wonderful art shared here!! Susan McL

jude said...

I am a lurker on your blog and have a thought about hanging. If the piece is not heavy, cut a piece of thicker cardboard the width of the art piece at the top and about one inch wide. Put a notch in the center of the strip at the bottom edge and glue it to the back of your artwork. Hopefully the notch will be enough to catch a nail or screw.

Lynn said...

I just came up with another kind of idea. How about a three dimenional stand? I see a triangle, a three sided cone, with an art piece on each of the three sides. The size would be determined by the largest piece to be placed. It would sit on a table.

sukipoet said...

Thanks to all for hanging suggestions. I like them all. And may try them all at some time or other. Onward!!