Monday, November 12, 2007

Things I have done

Watched Masterpiece Theatre's version of Jane Eyre. A two disc, 228 minute DVD. A great escape. Rochester is played by Toby Stephens, very sexy. Jane by Ruth Wilson whom I thought very good. Only part that I didn't like were a few sort of modern-day passionate kissing scenes which I do not think Charlotte B. wrote. Also, the end seemed sort of silly. I can't remember how the novel ended.

Joined Netflix. For $14/month they will send me up to two DVD's at a time in the mail. When I am done I mail them back. I can order as many DVD's a month as I want. You must have Internet access to scan the files of DVD's available. Considering the local DVD rental place is 15 minutes away and only allows you to keep rentals one night, this is going to be a great way to get movies I think. On Cape Cod libraries have many DVD's. Here, libraries have scant choices.

Painting my room progress is slow. But I am moving along. I have a wall and a half onto which I must paint two coats of primer and then the final coat of Victorian Linen which is off-white with a touch of yellow, and then I will be done. I am painting with a brush. Also, these walls have never been painted before. In part why I'm so slow.

Insomnia. I am now doing abhyanga, an Ayurvedic massage, at night before bed. This entails rubbing warm sesame oil on my body including my scalp and then sleeping with the oil still on me. You rub with the palm of your hand, not the fingers. So far it has given me more calmness at night. I have done this before though and know that it and almost any insomnia cure type thing, works for a short time, then doesn't. However, doing this massage is never "wasted" as it is a healing massage and calms Vata.


Cris in Oregon said...

Isnt it wonderful how you can now order things from the computer without even having to leave home. What with gas the price it is now especially.
Not sure I would like having that oil all over me while sleeping. Might just slip right out of bed. lol
Just think soon you will be done with your room. Maybe you dont want it done to quickly. After all it is something you're doing for yourself.

ANDREA said...

I once saw this film with Charlotte Gainsbourg and William Hurt, (I love William Hurt! very sexy too). Great that you can watch DVD's of your choice at any time now, that must be fun!
I hope that the Ayurvedic massage helps, and for a long time! And it must be good to watch the progress on the walls!
Bon courage again,

Lynn said...

Nice way to get grown kids do this too.
I watched Jane Erye a long time ago, just remember enjoying it. I like the old fashioned feel to it.
Sorry you suffer from insomnia.
I hope the oils work.

Lynn said...

I meant to add: I think some of your collages would make nice additions to your freshly painted walls.