Thursday, October 04, 2007

I made several attempts at drawing the nest. Pencil.

The actual bird's nest from which I drew. Lovely thing isn't it. The mud packing, the twigs going every which way. Had a hard time drawing the middle part of the nest which appeared the darkest dark (not in photo but in the setup I had). It looks more like an egg in the center which I guess is appropriate but fantasy.


ANDREA said...

Hi Suki, lovely nest and lovely drawings! You are so lucky to have be out there in nature... It does not matter if the inner nest seems like an egg, it give the drawing another meaning.
BTW I indeed attempted to draw the selfportrait in one line, as this is a good way to keep the proportions right (almost:) Would be fun to see everyone's selfportrait, don't you think?

Cris in OR said...

Seems like the simplist things are the hardest to draw. but the nest drawing turned out really good. I was going to get my drawing done early while watching the birds this morning but the lap is to much of a temptation for THREE Cats in the house. argh. so will have to try later.
Nice of you to go help out your Mom even tho it means leaving your beloved Cape Cod for awhile. I am jealous tho of your Fast speed. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Suki - i love the nest and your expressive drawings, especially the twigs flying every way which! The egg looks like the center of an eye too. Enjoying your drawings! Are you doing the 1-a-day Big Draw thing? I can add you to the blogroll if you are!

i think the self protrait idea is good - I shall see if I can get one done in the next day or two, cold or no!