Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday's drawing

Just a little stool purchased at an estate sale. Mom recovered it.


Cris in OR said...

Nice drawing. Looks like it could be a milking stool to go along with the cow picture. ;-)
Yes I got winter pansys. not sure how wintering they are but here they sell them for winter and they do good. Just look to see what they sell around there now.

ANDREA said...

I like the stool. What is it recovered with? Itlooks like cow-skin?

Elizabeth said...

I like this drawing, and the fabric on top. Charming!
(I've not been ignoring youlately, honest! Blogger hasn't sent me any comments for 6 days, so I am having a massive catch up.)

sukipoet said...

cow skin, yes. A flowered fabric more like it. Just blurred the details, but kinda like the cow skin to go with it's milking stool appearance.