Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday Walk

When I began my walk I was wearing a yellow slicker(see it to right of bench) so I wouldn't get shot, a sweater, a flannel shirt and a short sleeved T-shirt. On my return walk I carried the slicker, sweater and flannel shirt. Man, it was HOT. Amazing. A totally gorgeous day. This bench is set out in the middle of nowhere. I like to walk to it, sit and rest, then return home.
In front of the bench is this little stream which reminds me so of the marsh streams on Cape Cod.
Blowin' in the wind.
Most of the trees on my walk are yellow but this one shouts out I'm red, look at me.


Cris in OR said...

Pretty walking area. Thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

great photos, and I love the ones of the Barn door on the side bar too. It's all red here today :-)

I like your drawings. It is always extra special when artists focus in on the everyday items... sort of finding the sacred in the common place.

Thanks for sharing them all with us, photos and drawings

Lynn said...

Is that cotton caught in the wind?
Where are you now? I forget.
I mean you left the Cape right and traveled somewhere else.
Love the bench shot too.

sukipoet said...

Lynn, that's milk week silk/seeds from the milkweed pod. I'm in New hampshire now.

Lynn said...

Ah, I bet that milk weed pod could be worked into a textile art piece. Did you grab it?

Full moon here tonight. Really pretty coming home.

New Hamphsire. The trees are beautiful. So are the cows. ;-)

Oh btw I think we cannot use STUD OH for the cats name. I did love it but Ms. Suki Doll was offended and said no, no. Too strong for her delicate system to bear.
Will keep the other names in mind. May have to have more than one cat so many good names were suggested.

Lovely job on the footstool.

ANDREA said...

So you wouldn't get shot??????

I love your photos, like always, so beautiful. Thanks. Hmmmm. It is good to look at them!