Friday, October 26, 2007

thursday and Friday drawings

Hour Glass which belonged to my grandfather. Pencil


ANDREA said...

Hour glass and minute drawing. Minute glass and hour drawing. Cup and dishrack. I love the connections.
The hour glass is beautiful, must be difficult to draw the transparency, you did very well. And the cup is nice too. Did you drink you tea or coffee in this cup?

Cris in OR said...

Yes the glass is beautifully done. What a nice memory of your Grandfathers clock. I like the look of the tea cup. I like the ruffly edges. Looks like something I would want to drink out of daily.
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I will look up Mary's blog. I am loving all the inspirations we are getting here. ;))

Elizabeth said...

I like these, well drawn with character and a sense of history. Cups make such great subjects, I keep drawing them, mugs too. I think there is comfort in the everyday objects.

Lynn said...

You were busy while I was away.
Well done drawings...they do have a yester year feel to them.