Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Suki Doll

Here is the original handmade doll I purchased for my 60th birthday. Terry Jenoure made it. She named it "Deep Like A River." The body is made from socks. The dress is part of an old sweater. TJ calls her doll collection "Sweater Girls." I added one of my grandmother's pins to the hat on the right. (Sorry above link is so awkward. Not good at copy/paste method of doing links.)

A bit ago I drew my doll for "The Big Draw."

Then Lynn, a master quilter(though she says no, no, virgin quilter), quilted this wonderful doll and named it Suki!!! I love the way one piece of art inspires another, inspires another. Round and round it goes. Thnaks Lynn!!!


Lynn said...

I am so honored to be here on your site and to have my doll shown next to your 2. I am tickled that I made her hair the right color without knowing this ahead of time.

But Suki, "a master quilter"? No,no,no! I have just begun learning this art. I am a mere novice. A 'virgin quilter' would be more correct. The Rose Quilt is my 4th only. Diane, who has been quilting 32 YEARS is a Master Quilter. I am not in her league and probably won't be in my lifetime. And that's okay! But thanks for your praise none the less. My head swells.

I love "our" dolls.

Cris in OR said...

I love this. How awesome that Lynn was able to nail the hair like that. How fun it is to see each of us gleening things from each other. Thats how the Impressionists did.. they painted together and learned from each other and inspired each other. Thanks Suki for showing us the original.

ANDREA said...

How I love your dolls, all three are gorgeous. So very special. I like your connection. Andrea

ANDREA said...

Thanks for the link to Terry Jenoure's exhibition, very inspiring too! Another connection, very spiritual, dense.

Elizabeth said...

I love all three equally, each is connected yet unique. Totally beautiful colour blue on your original doll. Great connections being made all the way around :-)

Peace and Creativity, E