Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday's Drawing



ANDREA said...

Your handdrawings are very dynamic and spontaneous, I love these hands, and the bracelet too!

Cris in OR said...

Hands are hard to do. You did very well here. Yes I like the bracelet too.
I just saw your comment on the horses I posted. They were walking in front of our house... our street is a dead end. Our neighbors, who had the horses and gave riding lessons, sold their house next door two years ago and moved out about six miles more into the country onto 12 acres instead of 1 1/2 acres. They had outgrown this property... so no we dont see them riding around here anymore. But the other day I saw a mare and her foal running like the wind behind us obviously having just escaped confinement around here somewhere. Life is never dull around here for sure. ;-)