Monday, October 08, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, this rainy day is my 62nd. A friend once said "it's a birthday MONTH, not just day." I like that. Far less pressure to have "the day" be crammed with fun. So, as part of the month's celebration I did the Dublin Art Tour.

The time of year now has some sadness to it. Last year, my Dad died on Oct 4th so I had a very quiet birthday. And this year, in fact today, my sister-in-law is having a biopsy re: lymph node issues.

Never-the-less, I am determined to remain cheerful and upbeat about my own self and life.

So cheers to all and a glass of champagne, a few macarons from some wonderful Paris sweet shop. In above book Christopher Robin recalls what he gave Eeyore for his b'day. "I gave him a box of paints to paint things with." Sounds good to me.


Mary Richmond said...

Happy Birthday! Did you know Sue P., who we made paper with, has a birthday on the 7th? Hope you have the day you want and that you enjoy your birthday month. I personally take at least a few weeks for my own birthday ;-)

Mary Richmond said...

Eeyore's Birthday is one of my very favorite Pooh stories from my childhood. I think of it often. That picture of him putting the deflated balloon in and out of the empty honey jar has stuck with me all these years....;-)

Cris in OR said...

Hey if we dont 'treat' ourselves who else will. You are creating good memories now.
I lost my Dad on the 22nd of this month four years ago. Keeping busy and a positive attitude is what gets us by.
Happy 39..again. ;)

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Sukipoet. Nothing better than a Winnie the Pooh party.
Sorry for your loss and worries for SIL. The anniversary must take a bit away from your gaiety. But glad you are able to put it all in prospective and give yourself a good celebration too. I could be your "big sister"...;-)

sukipoet said...

Thanks to all for my b-day wishes. In the end I felt quite glum on a glum day weatherwise and just lounged around and read. But today am up and energized again.

Elizabeth said...

A belated but HUGE "Happy Birthday" to you form over here in England. Hope you ahd a great day. My Dad's birthday today (Tuesday) so also a Libra! He is 86 today!

A birthday present from me ... Have a long and happy birthday month, endulging in at least 10, no 20, of your favourite things and/or pastimes. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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