Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday's drawing



ANDREA said...

Moon Mandala, beautiful. I wonder what inspired it, was there a moon above your turkey field this night?
PS you look beautiful in your coloured poncho (if it is a poncho)!

sukipoet said...

Actually there was a beautiful moon above the turkey field. maybe it unconsciously influenced me as I didn't see it till after I drew the mandala.

I'm wearing a jacket made in south america which I bought in a thrift store for $4 brand new. I love it.

Cris in OR said...

NICE DRAWING. Did you do that out of your head? pretty cool.
re; hair..Got it now. Thanks. Was confused by the one on your home page. by the way how do you get a pix on there. I have tried and tried.
Thanks for the nice comments on my drawing. Love the jacket. you can get some pretty cool things at thrift shops.

Lynn said...

What the heck is this?
Nice drawing of whatever it is.
Spin a song?
Whew, missed this one.

I love your deal on your beautiful South American jacket. Georgous.
Love good deals.

sukipoet said...

Lynn this is a mandala, from my imagination, yes. Check out Patti's website. She's done lots of mandalas. Don't have her link to hand right now.

Cris I forget how to do the picture but I'll check it out.