Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Covered bridge

New Hampshire has lots of covered bridges. Vermont too. Some you can even drive through. Not this one though.

It was built to cross this little stream. Kinda an elaborate structure for such a small stream I think.

Interior. Bolt and beams and a few names etched in.


Cris in OR said...

I LOVE covered bridges. I painted a few covered bridges and sold them in CA. We have a few cool ones in Oregon too. Maybe that stream was bigger at one time? ;-)
Can't wait to see you and Lynns dolls together and the real one.

ANDREA said...

big bridge, little stream:) Beautiful photos, which remind me a movie: the bridges of Madison County, I loved that movie, it moved me:).
Have a good day Suki

ANDREA said...

I'm back in this post because I wanted to you that I love it that we Blog-friends learn so many things from each other, thanks to Internet too! I wondered why these bridges are covered, if it was to have a place to hide from the rain for people or animals, who walked by. Well silly me. I would have asked you but I just found it without looking at
They say that they covered them in order to preserve the flooring timbers which were more expensive to replace than the lumber they used to cover the bridge sides and roofs! I find this funny. It's like if I were wearing shoes over my shoes:)no?
Not sure I'm making sense, but fun, have a funny day:)

sukipoet said...

andrea. Thanks for looking that up. I didnt know why they covered the bridges either. Also re: shoes. There was a time people faithfully wore rubbers over their shoes in the rain. Guess that was before everyone was rich enough to endlessly buy new shoes.

I agree re: world-wide friends. the internet is to thank for this. It's amazing and I'm glad we are friends too. I have learned so much about paris, both the better known spots and the hidden "insider" spots, and have come to know you and Eliz, Cris and Lynn and others. All unique and talented and interesting folks.

Elizabeth said...

This is lovely, and Andrea's explaination is interesting, I always wondered why they are 'covered' bridges but never thought to look it up! Thanks for posting these great pictures. I love finding out more about your corner of the globe as it is a place that has long captured my imagination. Indeed the internet is a very groovy thing, and the people you meet there even groovier! :-)