Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday's drawing

Had a little trouble with the face. She kept moving, that's why, ha, ha. Pencil and conte crayon.


ANDREA said...

Hi Suki, right now, as I was looking at your Birthday post and thinking about it and thinking about a very nice thing to say to you, right then Emily Dickinson popped up!!!!! Miaow. Amazing Internet. I love your drawing,I love the cat, would like to cuddle this cat!

So now:

Happy Birthday, dear Suki, you are a wonderful person, I know it although I have never seen you. Have a month full of joy and discovery, art and creation, nice and tender souvenirs and exciting and colourful projects too.
Enjoy everything

Mary Richmond said...

Love this sweet little drawing. Keep drawing and painting and's what feed us all!

Cris in OR said...

I have tried to draw my cats too. They just wont stay still sleeping. You captured Emily very well. Good job.

Cris in OR said...

Did a blog for you Suki..on our winter. and a comment. Not anything like yours but does get cold.

Lynn said...

I can feel the warmth of this cat, his roundness, aliveness, resting cat. I hope my drawings come alive one day like this one.