Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Big Draw and Tuesday's drawing

This is a doll someone gave me. I take her everywhere. She is so off-kilter. I think she represents my wild-woman self, my gypsy self, my brave self.

For my readers who may wonder why I'm suddenly posting drawings I wanted to tell you about The Big Draw. This is a month-long event in England to encourage people of all ages to draw. 1000 venues across the nation host drawing events which are mostly free. How magnificent!!!

I know about the big draw from Elizabeth's blog. She lives in Devonshire and she challenged her blog readers to join her in posting a drawing a day. I was hesitant to join in as I didn't think I could keep up being still a semi-basket case from my recent life transition. But did a couple of drawings and so far have continued each day, missing a few at the beginning. Haven't done much drawing recently but am finding this fun. So portable too. All you need is a pencil or other drawing instrument and a sheet of paper.


Cris in OR said...

Now aren't you glad Elizbeth got us going on drawing daily & posting them? I sure am..It's something I've tried to do but without support never kept up. Suki your Doll drawing is really well done. All that detail on it.. I think getting into some sort of art & something this portable really helps one get thru trying times.
Thanks for you comments on my drawings.

ANDREA said...

Suki, the doll is wild, love it, very ornamental and textile. It's face reminds me what I like to see in masks.

Bad Faery said...

This drawing actually reminds me of Andrea's most recent textile. They have a similar primal quality except your doll is fierce. She would totally take me in a fight! ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Scary and not, wild woman and brave. Glad you shared her with us :-)

I am also VERY glad you joined in with this Big Draw, it is great to have you along... and if you want to see a basket case you should see me at the moment. Definately flaky and slightly losing it... ;-) We make good company.

You are right, what I soooo love about this is its portability, so easy... my sketchbook sneaks into my handbag and no one knows she is there but me, waiting for her moment, Love it!

sukipoet said...

Thanks all for your comments. Eliz. sounds like you are having way more stress than I to deal with. I'm just a wimp when it comes to stress so a minor amount sets me under. Be well, Suki

Lynn said...

Isn't it fun? I am laughing at myself. Who'd have thought? But now I look forward to the time in the evening or like yesterday at work early before anyone arrived and then at noon lunch and again in late afternoon...oh goodie I have yet another addiction. Luckily for me none of mine require recovery group work! LOL LOL

I do think this doll is wild looking! A great part of you. And I like that you take her with you.

I like the variety of drawings I see in our "group". From simple lines to tiny details. So much permission to be/do whatever the spirit brings out from our tools/minds/unconsciousnesses!

I wonder where my sketch book is? I know I have one somewhere. I think it was more a journal than a drawing pad. My recent/current drawings are scattered all around the house done on sheets of copy paper from my printer. They need to be gathered up and given a home.