Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday's drawing Week #3

A couple years ago I took a wonderful drawing class at Truro: Castle Hill on Cape Cod. I loved Castle Hill, kinda rustic. Often New York City artists teach classes there in the summer. I took a class with Sasha Chavchavadze an incredibly fine draftsman. This link shows you her series of work with matches. The class was called "Drawing your life story." We brought in aritfacts we'd like to draw that told our stories. We used pencil, ink and brush or pen, conte crayons etc. I loved it. My drawings memorialized my friend Mort, a poet from Ohio, who died young at 52. The drawings were not as dark as they appear on this post.

The above drawing done on smaller paper is for my friend A(still alive and kicking). I'd like to try it again on larger paper using ink.


Cris in OR said...

This is great. What a fun class to take. I think Lynn is doing this and she never took that class. Makes me want to do this too. Interesting idea.

Cris in OR said...

Oh and I like your drawing. Forgot to mention that. And I did get the Real monkey versus Drawing finally on my blog so I changed it. lol It WAS hard to tell. ;)

Elizabeth said...

coooool! (I would like to do classes again, need to find the right teacher though.) I like the way you mixed drawing and words, very effective!

ANDREA said...

So many elements on this page. It is very poetic!
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