Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday's drawing

Gas fire place in Mom's den. VERY hard to draw even though basically it is a rectangular box with a cylinder on top. Made a few tries.

Feeling sad today as brother talked with Oncologist. They can do nothing more for Nora. Call hospice, they said. As I understand it, relayed via my mother, they won't do either chemo or radiation. So, in the way that happens to me when I'm sad, I was restless and scattered. I puttered with some craft work, put up some storm windows, got my car oil changes etc.

thanks for the tag Andrea. Will respond soon with my 7 etc.


Cris in OR said...

I'm so sorry Suki about your sister in law. I know the feeling of sad & helplessness over a situation such as that. Went thru a long illness with my mom. Isnt easy. My heart goes out to you all.

Cris in OR said...

I like the drawings. check out my elephant. dang that fore shortened nose was hard. looks so simple and I sort of got it.... arrgh

ANDREA said...

Dear Suki, I don't know where hope is in such situations but perhaps we can create a bit hope by sending our love to you all.

sukipoet said...

Thanks cris and andrea for the empathy and hugs. For my part, praying (in the way I do that) and chanting is what helps me. And the kindness and caring of friends across the world. Thank you again. Be well.

ANDREA said...

I think of you and your loved ones!

Elizabeth said...

Sad news, so sorry. Lots of Love to you all and a big hug. E

Lynn said...

I am joining you with my prayers Suki. I am so sorry to hear that there is no hope for Nora. This is so so sad. Please accept my hugs to you and the whole family. It sounds like you are physically all together now? Is this right?

I was so touched to read the pieces about your mom too. Her jewelry, the cereal box and the coffee for dad...memories for her.the coffee smell must mean so much to her... How long ago did dad die? Oh I want to hug her too. I am happy and touched for you that your relationship with her is turning in such a positive way. Could be you are both changed in ways?
Heavy stuff here today.
I hold you in my thoughts and prayers and in my heart.

sukipoet said...

Lynn thank you for your prayers about Nora and yr words about my mom. I responded on yr blog.

Elizabeth thank you for your hug and well wishes.