Friday, January 12, 2007

Drawings of Mort Krahling, The Bard of Kent, Ohio

Two summers ago I drew two, 22 by 30, pictures depicting Mort/our letters/the last house Mort lived in etc. They are very similar but with small differences. In this one Mort is on the lower left. The arm is mine.
Closeup of Mort. I like the way his portrait came out in this one. I used pencil, pen and ink, and also brush with ink.
In the second picture Mort is in the center of the page. I like the house better in this one. Also the way the letters intersect, which was the drawing teachers' suggestion. However, I like the Mort portrait better in the other picture.
I wrote quotes from our letters to each other on both of the drawings.
The tea bag is one Mort sent me. He almost always included little treats like that in his letters. That potato-like lump is a stone he gave me.It only looks like a potato because of my clumsiness. In reality it is lovely.

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