Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Drawing eyes open, drawing blindfolded using right hand

Plane drawn with my eyes open.
Next 3 are drawn with eyes closed and with right hand (I am left handed).


Elizabeth said...

Oooooh I really like these; so good to finally SEE them after your email. I like the way the last few are so simple and ESSENTIAL - the last one verges on abstract and yet is perfectly recognisable. They are great, can't wait to see more of your work.
P.S. Thanks for all kind comments. best wishes.

Cris in OR said...

Really good drawings. I like the hammer too... makes me see I have a WHOLE garage of things to draw. ;-)
Yep I think it is all FOUR that Elizabeth mentioned in past blog about Paris Breakfasts. altho it was the Art that got me there its her diverse interests the keep me there.
Bummer about not getting in the calendar but good you tried.

ANDREA said...

I like these too especially the last ones with just a few lines but the essential ones.
Great, these shapes can be a nice basis for a colour study too...
Next time you will get into the calendar.

Lynn said...

I smiled when I saw your drawing of the plane. My DH collects them and I should photograph his collection. There must be 30 alone in our family room on bookshelves along with the books of course. I called him in to see yours. He said: "I have that one!" Not surprised! But can he draw it?
The eyes closed bit is interesting. Will have to try that.