Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The sorting begins

Yesterday I brought a few boxes of art/craft supplies home from the storage unit. I am sorting through the stuff and will give away a lot of it. These are things I would like to keep, stuff for assemblages. But I have no room in my car, which is the only abode I own at the moment. Here is a box of tinted tiny shells and pearls and a bag of boxes and doodads for assemblages.

A stack of Somerset magazines-- inspirational to thumb through. But magazines and books are heavy. Most of my books have been boxed since I moved out of 217 County Road over three years ago. What is the point?

An abandoned hornets nest on a branch which my mother gave me. A curiosity. Plus the paper the nest is made out of is wonderful for crafts. But isn't it ridiculous to carry such things back and forth from one residence to another when you have to move every year or even every 6 months? Not for nothing do gypsies have few possessions.

I recently bought this cabinet at a yard sale to make an assemblage around the theme of birds nests. So, I'm saving these bags of stuff to see if I want to use them in the assemblage. If I make it soon, fine. If not these things too will be given away.

Before last April when I had to put my things in storage I always thought storage units were ridiculous in that if one has too many possessions for one's abode then one should give the surplus away or sell it. Now, I am using a unit. My intent is for it to be short term for my transition time between my rental at 109 Parallel Street and what I hope will be a longer term living place soon to be found. A friend of mine has had a unit for 8 years. I just don't get the point. It must be a psychological need to cling to the old, a fear of letting go. Because the stuff, when in storage, is doing a person no earthly practical good. In fact, many things get moldy or ruined as units are often damp.

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