Monday, August 06, 2007

Harwich Central Cafe

A new cafe has opened in downtown Harwich in the big red house at 98 Parallel Street. The owners Chris and Blaize (who also own the house I rent) have created a wonderful spot to stop in for morning coffee and muffins to go. Or come in and hang out with your laptop (or for us retrogrades--a pen and notebook) and work whilst sipping a wonderful selection of teas, coffees and specialty drinks.

Delicious sweets include muffins, pastries, key lime pie, chocolate fudge cake and more.

On Saturday I stopped in after the craft fair and ate a slice of spinach pie for my lunch along with a nice cold glass of iced tea.

The cafe is located in a lovely old house. One room is furnished with comfortable chairs and two small tables. There is also a counter where you can sit and sip. They are located behind Ay Caramba restaurant and Cape Cod Tile Works. Their phone number is 508 432-9801.

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