Friday, August 10, 2007


One great thing about August is that the corn is ripe for eating. I LOVE corn, dripping with butter, yes I indulge in butter, and salt. In fact, everyone in my birth family loves corn. My Mom (and my Dad up until his death) took such good care of their teeth that they ate-- and Mom still eats --corn on the cob.

Here on Cape Cod most of the "local" corn is actually grown "off Cape." Also, in my corny opinion, most of the corn I purchase here is feed corn quality: thick and pasty with large kernels and tasteless. The best corn I've ever eaten is Rocky's corn, from his New Hampshire fields. Light and tasty with small kernels. As my mother says, all she needs for dinner is two ears of corn and some tomatoes. I agree. but have the dental floss handy.

A friend of mine recently biked the Erie Canal bike trail in order to arrive in Eden, New York for their corn festival. My friend has attended the festival for a number of years. I can't wait to hear the stories of her dual adventure.

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