Saturday, August 18, 2007

Assembling an assemblage

I bought this glass fronted cabinet for $5 at an estate sale. Inside are 5 shelves with a downward slant. I have no idea what their purpose was. The cabinet is in rough shape however I will probably leave it as is. On the bottom shelf I have placed dried flowers and a small bird's nest.
Closeup of the flowers. I picked and dried them last year. I found the bird's nest in New Hampshire. I also have some dried bird's eggs my mother collected through the years. I could place two in the bird's nest. But, I'm not sure if it is legal to collect bird's eggs.
On another shelf I will place these feathers.
I found this marvelous old book at the estate auction. I tore off the cover and will glue it against the front of several shelves, thus disabling their use as shelves, but that's okay.
Some other items I may use in the display. A couple of pods, pieces of jewelry, a bird, some hands that fell off a larger wooden figure I found at the free store at the dump. The matchbox decorated with a sea bird I got for free at the estate sale.

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