Tuesday, August 14, 2007

watercolor painting progress

I purchased, on line, a Kremer water color set as mentioned by Carol Gillot on her Paris Breakfasts blog. VERY expensive but I love these lozenges of paint. I know equipment does not an artist make, however I also know it's good to buy GOOD supplies right from the start. My previous paints were Cotman paints and a number were hues which are diluted pigments I believe. Ie: do not contain as much pigment for color as more expensive brands.

Been spending time just swishing pigment and water around on the paper, trying to "understand" how to use watercolors by experiencing the medium. As opposed to reading books about the tasks I wish to master which is my usual way. I HAVE read a few books but found them unhelpful. It seems watercolor painting is about "tricks." Like using salt on the paper to create a certain effect. I do like Jean-Louis Morelle's book however. I've checked it out of the library a number of times and would buy it but it's only available used and now rather expensive--from $40 on up to $100 plus.

This is the only play/experiment I am willing to show you at this time.

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Mary Richmond said...

As a self taught watercolorist I abhor all the little tricks people use...you can spot them a mile away. Unfortunately, many watercolorists are happy with mediocre results so all those books of tricks sell away quite happily. Just keep experimenting. You'll find your way!