Monday, July 30, 2007


I've set up a few work spaces in the garage room. Here is my new computer. I have transferred my novel into the WORD program and have made a few revisions. This after a hair raising morning of trying to enter the word processing software and register it which for some reason took me many phone calls to Hewlit Packard and Microsoft. But at last it is done.

I probably shouldn't admit this but when I first got the machine I couldn't open it. The first bevy of hair raising phone calls to HP ensued. No one could help me. At last I persuaded my house mate to look the situation over and discovered I'd been trying to open it from the back!!!!!

I also set up my aluminum folding table and laid out my watercolors and pastels. One corner also holds my manuscript pages.
The French easel my house mate bought for me on Ebay. I have not yet used it. I couldn't set it up and had to ask my neighbor to come over and help me.

At any rate I am set up and ready to create. I was so tired after entering in a few novel revisions that I had to rest and spend some time squishing Play Doh.

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