Friday, July 27, 2007


As all my precious handmade dishes and bowls are in the storage unit, I have been carrying this one bowl with me between New Hampshire and Cape Cod since my April meanderings began. It was made by Woods Hole potter Tessa Morgan of Flying Pig Pottery. What more does one need than one bowl? I could eat all three meals in this bowl.

A neighbor gave me this feather he found in his yard. We think it is a turkey feather. Five wild turkeys were sighted in the area yesterday.

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Mary Richmond said...

I love Tessa's pottery! And I love the idea of using one bowl for everything. I think some Buddhist monks do that....As a fellow art supply hoarder, book collector and all around box storage nut, I feel your pain around all your possessions, storage options, etc. I am slowly letting things go and I still have piles of boxes to go through....good luck!