Saturday, July 07, 2007


Sorry to admit I did NOT order the computer, though I did talk to someone on the phone at Compaq who suggested a different computer than the one I had chosen.

A gorgeous hot day here. Almost too hot even for me. Had to alternate sitting outside with sitting inside in the air conditioning.

Lots of dogs in this neighborhood. They seem to bark a lot.

Still nothing but blankness re: where to live. There are plenty of places for rent here for $1200 and up. Even a few that say pets ok. But I haven't got the umph to get out there and sell myself again. What's the point if I have to move in a year again. I was so spoiled by my 20 year rental in one place. Pout, pout.

Good advice from some folks in a yahoo group. Buy some kids art supplies and play. I may do that tomorrow.

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