Friday, July 06, 2007

Proud to announce

After some small research, which for the most part confused me, and a perusal of the library copy of "Consumer Reports," I am proud to announce I will call and order a laptop computer today. I am choosing a Hewlitt Packard as it comes with some word processing software already installed. Many of the other brands don't.

My main areas of interest are word processing, Internet browsing and blogging. I don't care about games and the other millions of stuff that comes along with many processors.

I may still need to buy an older version of Word as if I get Word 2007, and place my writing on a disk, who will be able to read it???on their computer unless they too have Word 2007.

Nevertheless I must make a choice so I will. And will feel a small sense of relief and as if I have moved a teeny step forward or sideways or maybe even backward but at least it's a step.

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