Monday, July 09, 2007

The back yard

Sweet peas and lilies.
One of my favorites. Black eyed Susans.
An unknown flower which is planted in abundance all over the yard.
A "tile" of glass bottle bottoms???embedded in cement near the back yard faucet.

The woman who owned this house Alan is renting, before my current landladys, planted an amazing number of trees, shrubs and flowers on this small piece of land. Not in orderly and organized gardens but every-which-way. It's a miracle of greenery. A nice balance of sunny spots and shade. I'd love to meet this woman who was also a stained glass artist and a massage therapist. I think she must have done things intuitively. Just gotten impassioned with plants and plopped them wherever they led her. If I owned this place I'd create lots of shrine spots outside and place little tables and chairs here and there for contemplation and eating pleasures. Also I'd prune a few things.

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