Saturday, June 16, 2007

Return of the missing blogger

I have been a lost soul for months now, unable to blog both because I have been homeless in a sense and because I have been using a computer which would not allow me to open the post window correctly. Now, and at last, my brother worked on the computer and changed the browser to Firefox so it is working properly again.

Homeless in a sense means I have been alternating between staying on Cape Cod in a room at Alan's, and staying in New Hampshire in a room at my mom's re: her heart attack and more recently her mastectomy. Most of my possessions are in a Brewster storage unit. I have a car full of stuff I cart back and forth between my two rooms.

Mom is home from the hospital and doing quite well after the mastectomy. The allowed her to stay two days instead of the usual one which I think was good. She has little pain and only one drain which she can empty herself--she was a nurse after all. She can walk around and even fixed her own breakfast this morning. All my fears, which partly came from horror stories other people told me, were unfounded.

So if all goes well I may only need to stay here for a couple of weeks. Then I need to tend to me. I must decide where to live, Vermont, NH, or Massachusetts. I must then go out and "sell" myself to potential landlords and pray I find someone who is okay with my three cats.

Good to be back blogging.

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