Sunday, June 17, 2007

Now what

Even though the picture icon comes up now on my post window, because my mom has dial up computer access the photos won't upload. I tried to upload one for about 6 minutes and it still hadn't complete the process. GRR. I think blogs with photos are far more interesting than blogs without.

A gorgeous day here today. Two wild turkeys are grazing in the field. Mom still seems to be okay.

I had a nightmare last night that I was homeless. Aaron, my son, was there about aged 8. We hung out at 217 County Road where I used to live. The house was falling in on itself. We used the basement for a bathroom. Other people used the house too. One guy was threatening us with some wires but I took them away from him and tucked them into a hiding place. A group of ladies came in to use the upstairs closet as a bathroom. A depressing dream.

I scanned two local newspapers y'day for rentals. But I have no get up and go re: looking at them. There are 2 apts in Walpole, which is a pretty cool place. And one "pets welcome "place way out in the boonies in East Alstead.

Since I've been off blog for so long, I imagine all my regular readers have fallen by the wayside. Guess I'll have to send an email alerting folks that I can blog again.

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