Monday, July 02, 2007


I love it so much. Am renting a room in Harwich in a friend's house for two months whilst I try to recover from losing my rental, not finding another, having my boyfriend break up with me but now he's my friend, my mom's heart attack and masectomy, the disappearance of Chocolat one of my cats. All this between Mid-March and Now.

I have driven between Cape Cod and New Hampshire about 5-6 times, each time loading my car with every possession I need that's not in my storage unit, unpacking at the room I'm staying in in either Cape Cod or NH, then packing it all up again in two or three weeks to travel back or up to the other room. In other words I live in two rooms, one in NH and one on the cape. It's a crazy making situation but I'm floating with it for awhile so as not to solidify myself too quickly.

When I'm in NH I tell Alan I want to come back down to my Cape Cod room. When in my Cape Cod room I keep telling my mom Iwant to come back up there.

Again, although I'm using a high speed internet access, I can't seem to upload photos. But at least I can blog again.

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