Sunday, March 18, 2007

A visionary

Here's a quote from an email I received the other day. "A visionary is one who learns to flow energy because of decision, not because of what is."

Of course as a Buddhist student, I am "trained" to try to SEE what is and accept it in the present moment.

But what I think the above refers to is (as mentioned in the article) saying things like: "I want a new car, but I can't afford it." You are stating what you want, then undercutting it with a but.... When you undercut your statement of decision with a are sending contradictory statements to the universe and you will receive contradictory vibrations back. The article emphasizes making your statement of decision firm, with no buts.....

What is is perhaps yes you do not have enough money right now.

But if you make the decision: I want a car and omit the buts the universe will set into gear to help you find a way to manifest that decision. You will be sending out a clear statement.

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Mary Richmond said...

one of the interesting things that is said of "the secret" and the law of attraction is to be clear about the what and the why of what you desire....but leave the HOW up to the universe...