Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Blog clog

Wednesday. I've been alone at the apartment for two nights now. My guy has moved into the perfect house on his own. I helped him move on Monday. Luckily the weather was clear and fresh. The move went smoothly.

Sure is quiet here. My duplex neighbors seem to be away. I am enjoying the quiet. I know there will be noise enough soon enough.

My mom has had a suspicious mammogram. She is not sure yet if it will mean an operation. She is 89.

This weekend I will be at a writing retreat at the Craigville Conference Center in Hyannis. Meanwhile, I continue to clean, organize and pack. I have about 240 boxes I think. Plus four trunks. Three cats. And a handful of furniture.

Tomorrow my guy will take the computer to his place. The phone goes with it. I can still go to the library to access my emails, but that will be infrequent. Not sure how it will work re: time to post to my blog. Is this farewell?

Funny how it feels like I will be totally incommunicado with no computer and no phone. The universe is really shaking things up for me, causing me to make choices and decisions and to follow my heart.

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