Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Transitions continue

My beloved and I have broken up. Yes, I talked on far too much re: my anxieties re: transitioning and making choices and he has had it up to here. He wants to live alone. He will take over the lease. I will stay here at the old rental until the end of April. I could take over the lease instead of him if I wanted, but I don't want to.

I feel exhausted by all this emotional and physical (packing and lifting boxes) stimulation. I will give him some of my furniture to lighten my load. You too, dear readers, are probably tired of my neuroses (sp?) as they come across on these posts. Yet, have we not all been through transitions and decisions that we go back and forth on? Perhaps my revealing myself and making my emotions available for perusal in these posts will help someone out there feel less alone.

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Mary Richmond said...

good luck with all this transitioning you're doing...perhaps a grand adventure awaits you. you've certainly freed up a lot of energy! hang in there---all will be good in the end. just remember to breathe....sending you love and warm thoughts