Monday, March 12, 2007

The healing power of laughter

Is it possible to laugh too much? I think not. Rare it is to find an author who makes me laugh but Ian Sansom has accomplished that feat. The main character, Israel Armstrong, has taken a librarian job in Northern Ireland--where Sansom himself lives--but when he arrives he discovers the library closed and the books missing. Israel's endeavors to untangle the mess he has fallen into, to learn the ways of the folks who live in Tumdrum, to find the library books, take us on a laughter filled ride through the villages and homes of the area.

Here's a link I discovered on the "Reading Matters" blog. It's a list of children's book titles that will never be used. At first I didn't find them that funny, but as I continued down the list I loosened up a bit and by the end I was laughing out loud.

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