Friday, March 02, 2007

Solace from reading

Here's what I do. I pack for awhile. Then I sit down and have a little read. Then pack. Then practice yoga. Cook my lunch or dinner. Read. I picked the Steinbach book up at Barnes and Noble the other day. One of those browsing leap-outs. Also, the title sounded familiar. She published it in 2000. Enjoying it greatly. Steinbach was a journalist for the Baltimore Sun. She took a leave of absence to travel. Her reflections on being a single woman on an adventure, her noting of the changes in her perspective as she continues to explore the world, give this book depth and interest beyond simple the places she visits. A great escape. Makes me long to travel.

A book I received from "Bookmooch." I had read Lane's second mystery. This is her first. Set in North Carolina, Lane's plots are intricate, her main character Elizabeth is a gardener, herbalist, quilt maker. The landscape is lovely and you get a real sense of the people of Appalachia through the dialogue and tales. Another great escape.

A children's book from the library. As I have a character in my novel who is 13, I am trying to groke the voice of a 12-13 year old from reading children's fiction. The book centers on "Termite" a young girl who is a foster child sent to a northern California logging town. The voice is perky and clever yet honest. The book reads fast. I am enjoying it muchly.

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