Friday, March 02, 2007

Oh well

I talked with my guy yesterday asking him for help during the "transition times" that I will be going through around ANY house that comes up for rent. I acknowledged that I am good at certain things but not at others. I asked that he call the landlady and tell her we would like the house. Tell her I was having doubts but now know we want it. Or something like that. He said he would not do that. That I had created this mess and it was up to me to clean it up. Or not.

I was prepared to let it go. But in the end he said he'd stop by the landlady's and let them know we were still interested. She said, "You people are driving us crazy." So, I guess that option is out. Why would they take us on when I created the impression of being a nut case who can't make up her mind about things? They now have a realtor showing the house. So, we're back at square one. Perusing the papers for rentals.

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