Sunday, February 04, 2007

It has arrived

Yes, the teeny (2 1/2" by 1 3/4") oil painting I ordered from Paul Hutchinson in New Zealand as a gift for my guy has arrived. And he likes it! Miracle of miracles. It's for his 60th birthday. As my guy has requested I NOT write about him in this blog I am disobeying here. But he is so much a part of my life, it's hard. So I won't write anything else. I love it when I choose a gift for someone and they really resonate with it. It doesn't always happen, but when it does it makes me feel happy.

I sent The Reliquery, an altered book I made, to Gael for Christmas and she was delighted. The book was "about" the virgin Mary and G. said she was going to devote this year to contemplation of Mary (which I didn't previously know) so it was just some chance intuition or something that led me to send her that book.

Small miracles do happen.

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