Saturday, February 03, 2007

Getting nowhere fast

Well I ended up doing NO writing yesterday as my guy was heading into the big town and offered to drop me off at Borders. So I went. Only bought one book. To tell the truth I prefer small independent bookstores as I get overwhelmed at Borders. Plus I wanted Zoe Heller's first book and they didn't have it. Saw a lot of other books I COULD have bought, but I was feeling thrifty so I didn't.

The later we saw the film "The Painted Veil" which was made from a W. Somerset Maugham story and quite good, partly filmed in China.

For whatever reason fear seemed to clutch me last night. I awoke several times and thoughts of poverty flickered through my head. The idea that I have not handled my life very well haunted me.

But on arising and seeing the sunshine these thoughts have flittered away. So many blessings: a shelter, food, friends to share laughter with, three cats, a car that runs, clothes, art supplies, a computer to use, books to read, movies to see. Wow.

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