Monday, February 05, 2007


I read about pomegranates recently on the blog Paris Breaksfasts. Carol mentioned she bought some dried pomegranate seeds in Chinatown and swallows (do not chew, she says) four a day. She's had few colds and flus since beginning this ritual.

So, having never tried a pomegranate, I bought one. And found I love them. The fresh seeds you do eat, that's the only part you eat. And they are sweet and juicy. Generally I don't eat much fruit. I love apples and occasionally eat a grapefruit or grapes in the summer. But I have fallen in love with pomegranates and have devoured three in the past week or so. I read on the above link that they are only available from September to January, so if you want to try one you'd best hurry. :)

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