Friday, February 23, 2007

Boxes, piles and impending chaos

Yesterday at the dump I took some boxes out of the huge box dumpster they have here. It's a good place to get moving boxes as long as it hasn't recently rained or snowed. My work is cut out for me for today at least. Fill these boxes.
I cleared out one small bookcase. Some books I've packed, some are awaiting a box. I like to pack like things with like. This stack is all travel guides. Also, I use small boxes for books so that I can lift them myself.
Since living here I have made approximately 24 paintings, 10 or so wall hangings and who knows what else. So I have MORE stuff to move out than I moved in. Hey, if someone out there wants any of these paintings let me know. I'd like to pass them on rather than cart them around. Write to me at . Your request will be posted on my blog and I'll reply.

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