Saturday, February 24, 2007


A watercolor of Ganesh that I bought last year at Yak in Orleans for $10.00. The sales clerk thought it was a reproduction, however I think it's an original. I feel the paint with my fingers.

Ganesh is an Indian god who helps one overcome obstacles. I just bought a frame at a thrift shop for $1 so I framed my Ganesh. The frame was perfect. A pink mat, a grey antiqued wood frame.

I need a lot of help from Ganesh right now. So I look at him every day. Already I am exhausted. I packed 5 boxes yesterday. I also looked at a house for rent. It has three bedrooms, kitchen and living room and a private yard. Hardwood floors and a fireplace. Washer and dryer. $1350, just $100 more per month than this apartment sans fireplace and washer/dryer. It's half a mile from here.

The problem is, beyond the cost which just floors me, what if IT is only for one year and I have to move again next year? I don't think I can bear it. I am too old to be moving every year as if I were a twenty year old. I want to be settled so I can write and paint. Read and practice yoga. Walk in nature and blog.

So I will pray to Ganesh. I just read in some book I was thumbing through that ACTION is what counts, NOT prayers. But frankly, I do not agree. I think it is true in part. But prayers count for a lot in my book. I am much less a doer. I am very much a be-er. Meditate. Pray. "Groke" the situation BEFORE taking action. Let the answer gravitate toward one. Yes, it is slower. Yes, it requires faith and trust. Yes, one must bear with the state of not knowing and remain on the threshold for a longer time, perhaps. I'm not calling it a BETTER way. I'm saying it is MY way. :o)

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