Thursday, February 22, 2007

Housing news

My landlord dropped by yesterday to tell me they needed to use this apartment next year so they won't renew the lease in June. If I find a place to move before June, they won't hold me to the lease. But I can stay till the end of May should I want to. They were very nice about it and kind to give me three months notice.

I hadn't planned to renew the lease anyway. But I wasn't going to think about it just yet. In some ways this is a good opportunity as it means I can be more flexible about the move--IE: take three months if I need to to pack and so forth.

But the big decision is--do I want to move off-cape?? It is very expensive here. And I have a limited amount of money to work with. Most places are outrageously expensive nowadays. I am not really sure if there is a place for me in the world.

I'd like to stay in New England as long as my mother is alive so as to be fairly nearby. Plus there is my guy who I've grown quite fond of. Now that my feral live alone nature has been tamed I am less stressed by this living with another person thing. I like it for the most part. It's nice to have someone to chat with.

Well, stayed tuned for more on this as things move along. I think the situation calls for a good journal write. Meanwhile, worked on novel revisions y'day. Also helped my guy sort stuff at his storage unit. AND ate some Pepperidge Farms vanilla cake-- comfort food.

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