Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Books and Reading

While browsing the net for reviews of some books I wrote about on this blog, I found two new sites of interest to book lovers. The first is "Reading Matters" in which Kimbofo reviews books she has read. She reads interesting books and writes in depth reviews and thus is a good resource for new reads. Also Kimbofo hosts an online bookchat. Everyone reads the same book and posts comments. It was Kimbofo who mentioned obtaining free books from "Bookmooch."

I joined "Bookmooch" yesterday. I listed 4 books I was willing to give away for free. I have received two replies. I now must mail these books out. I then get "points" I can use to request a book I want that someone will send to me. Seems kinda fun. The only expense is mailing the books out.

Today is my son's 38th birthday. Happy Birthday Aaron!! It's hard to believe I have a son that old. I feel like I'm only 45 myself.

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