Monday, February 19, 2007

Water color paintings-- in process

I got so frustrated with my writing process that I took a day to work on watercolors. Again, I make myself vulnerable, as I am a baby learner. Still in first grade. I hope that by the end of the year I will be showing you some more accomplished watercolors. I did this setup twice. I like the pens and pencils better in this one.

I like the bowl better in this one. None of these are paintings. They are play and exploration. So I'm not worried about the background. In fact I use the background to paint/sketch various brushes and pencils.

I painted the bowl with pomegranate first. I like the second pomegranate much better. I loosened up and as it wasn't "a painting" by any means I think I felt freer.

My paint set up. I am left handed so the palettes (a la Mary Richmond's idea of using small plastic lids as palettes) are on the left. Ditto the paper towel to blot my brush on. I also have a sheet of white paper as a table cover and I use it to test out the paint colors. Mary also suggests for beginners one palette of cool red, yellow and blue (Alizarian crimson, lemon yellow and prussian blue). A second palette of warm red, yellow and blue (cadmium red, cad yellow and ultramarine blue.) Unfortunately, I bought a little set of colors in tubes and some are hues. Hues have less pigment in them and thus the colors are less intense. I suggest never buying hues. They are frustrating. Pay more for the non-hues. It's worth it.

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mary said...

nice little paintings! i love your playful attitude--and the colors and shapes work nicely, too ;-)