Wednesday, January 10, 2007

watercolor painting

One of my focuses for the next two years (I read it takes that long to "get" watercolors) is to learn to watercolor. Theoretically I should play with the paints every day. In reality, a couple times a week seems to be what is happening.
Watercolor is the MOST difficult medium I have ever tried. With acrylics or oils I can paint away like mad and if I don't like it, paint over it. There is some correction possible with watercolor, but it is kind of an of -the-moment medium.

I am making myself vulnerable here and sharing my very baby student attempts at understanding the medium.
My paints are cheap ones. I want to mix my own paints using powdered pigments like Carol of Paris Breakfasts does. Check out her blog archives for August with a # of watercolor posts. Here are two other watercolorists I admire. Mary. Scroll down to catagories and click on watercolor. Irisz.
As the year continues I'll keep you updated on my watercolor progress or lack thereof.

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Mary said...

These look great! Now try and do it without the pencil...scary, I know, but I bet you like the freedom and as you get the hang of it, you'll like the way it looks even more....And don't worry about how anyone else does it. You'll find your way. Yay for you for even trying!