Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dream Collage

Well I got the pictures sort of mixed up. This was supposed to be last. But I'm not going to try to move it as it takes forever, since I always do it wrong. This is one corner of my collage depicting two fire places, a journal, an up north kind of bedroom, lots of books, a woman painting in her studio. The roses for beauty. A woman with a camera--I'm so enjoying my digital.
A couple months ago I made this collage from magazine tearouts focused on what I hope to be doing now and in the immediate future. Above is the entire collage and what follows are closeups of four sections. (although the fourth section is up above this one) Remember you can click on an image to enlarge it. There are cats throughout the collage. A round of goat cheese. Yum. A log cabin on it's side. I've always loved log cabins and think I'd enjoy owning one. My dad also wanted a log cabin for his retirement home and even though he could afford it, he ended up in a trailor. The woman laughing was from a YOGA JOURNAL article on laughter.

Another cat. Paintbrushes. A neat kitchen stove. Kitchens are my favorite rooms as they are the place friends gather most often for tea and a chat. Feet walking in the ocean. Autumn leaves. An artist at work. And note the yoga pose. Not that I imagine doing that particular pose, but it said DARING to me. Live on the edge.
Another kitchen glimpse, a computer and worktable, no I don't want a goat but there just was something about this fellow's mug. I liked the outward vision of the woman from the Prada add too.

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